Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Letter Art

My mom saw these letter art photos at an arts festival and wanted one, so she asked me to make her one with our name. It took me a long time to finally start seeing letters out in the world, but once I did I started seeing letters everywhere and still do, so I have been collecting letters since then and have made a few more. A lot of companies sell these, but I think it is cool to get them locally. I try to take all the photos in the town where the people live, which makes it cool to guess where it is at. They are great gifts for weddings or house warming parties or anything like that, so if you may know anyone you would like to get one for, feel free to contact me about it and I would be glad to help out.

Wednesday, January 2, 2013


I haven't posted up any recent wedding videos we have done, so here are some recent ones. There are a few more on my Vimeo page if you want to see more. Enjoy!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Homage Contest

Homage clothing out of Columbus started a contest with Barbasol shaving cream called "Get Your Game Face On." The contest was to use shaving cream and show your OSU game face. The best photo with the most votes won 4 VIP tickets to the OSU and Kansas game, $500 to Homage, and 4 years of shaving cream, pretty awesome prizes I would say. Here is where I rant and complain. Homage used an app on Facebook that allows friends to vote for photos, you can only vote once every 24 hours and only votes count, not likes or comments and this went on for a week. Our photo and another photo, which we thought were the best two out of all the others were in the lead for the first 2 or 3 days, then out of nowhere this foreign kid blows by both of us (his photo sucked!) and went up like 100 votes and kept going up. Now, we had 5 people in our photo, which we all posted every day on Facebook and we each have 1,000+ friends, that was a lot of people seeing our photo. This kid had 700 friends and was beating us by a couple hundred votes. So, I started watching his page for a while, every 20 minutes or so I would refresh the page and he would have 10 or more votes each time. Then I researched the app and saw there are ways people can hack it to get votes, which we all think this kid did. Lets just say we were all upset about it, but we think they cancelled the contest because of it. They never announced a winner and you can't even access that contest page anymore. Oh well, it was a fun time taking the photo.

Friday, November 30, 2012

Bailee Moore - Mirror Mirror

Bailee Moore is an up and coming hip-hop artist and she has been blowing up lately. We were lucky enough to get a gig with her and her team and it was great. We actually shot two videos for this song, the first once got scrapped because it wasn't quite what they wanted, but we may use it eventually. So, we re-shot the video and this is how it turned out. Check it out and her other videos and songs.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Not Another B Movie

A group of us formed recently to tackle our first timed film contest. It was a 72 hour contest entitled 3 Days of Terror, which was hosted by the Mid Ohio Filmmakers Association (MOFA). We shot the entire thing in one night, edited it the next night, then worked on the sound the following day before turning in the final product. We were all happy the final product and hope everyone else will enjoy it. Here is a trailer of the final movie to get you excited and the final version of the movie is below it. Check it out!

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Shrub - Supergirl

We did this video over the summer for Shrub. It was a lot of fun to shoot and the little girl was a lot of fun to work with. We would love to do more videos like this.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Demo Reel 2012

I finally made a new demo reel with most of my recent work. I wanted to make one a while ago, but just never got around to it, which made me have to leave some good shots out of this one. But, I think it still turned out decent.

A Few Weddings

Here are three of our most recent weddings we have done. They all turned out pretty well and were fun weddings to shoot. We have a few more in the works now and plenty more that we will be shooting soon. So, look out for those!

AGinc. in 614

I finally purchased my first ad in a print magazine. It didn't get me much attention, but it is a start and I was glad to see it in the June issue of the 614 Magazine, which is free all around Columbus and it is a great magazine. Not sure if you could still get a June issue, but the pictures show what it looked like.

Claire + Preston's Save the Date

I am doing Claire and Preston's wedding in a couple months and I wanted to do an engagement video for them as part of the video. I had this idea, which it turned out pretty close to how I saw it looking. I shot more that day, but will use that footage in their final video with the wedding. Casey Clark did their photos and they turned out great as well. It should be a fun wedding.